Racoon International – Bonded System

Racoon International’s bonded system allows your natural hair to be easily and safely blended and lengthened.

This multi-award-winning system is scientifically proven not to damage hair thanks to a unique inert polymer bond – non-allergy synthetic – which leaves no trace or residue.

The hair is applied over three to four hours, and can last up to six months with regular maintenance appointments.

The bonding material – containing natural products, such as pine kernel and orange peel extracts –  is translucent and about the size of a grain of rice.

As it takes on the colour of your own hair, the bonds are virtually invisible.

Available in NEW Euro Hair, Standard Softwave and Standard Deepwave Hair.

Please call us on 01205 368 368 to book your FREE consultation.  If you want volume, length or colour, Racoon is the answer.


FULL HEAD APPLICATION – £55 per hour (Maximum Time £370) + hair required (From £165.41)

Please allow 3-4 hours.

HALF HEAD APPLICATION – £55 per hour + hair required (From £82.70)

Please allow 2-3 hours.

PARTIAL HEAD APPLICATION – £55 per hour + hair required (From £41.35)

Time depends on requirements.  Perhaps you desire a longer fringe, some high fashion colour or maybe you would like to change your current style.

ROTATIONS – £55 per hour

A rotation or maintenance appointment is required every 6-8 weeks depending on how they are looked after.  We advise that you only use Racoon hair products, which are available from the salon, as other products can break down the bonds or dry the Racoon hair too much.