We do pride ourselves on giving you the knowledge to be able to look after your hair at home.  This is not a sales pitch so please do not feel pressured into buying all of the products that our experts recommend. 

Whilst supermarket products appear to be great value, professional products are much more concentrated so you use a lot less.  In many cases with shampoos and conditioners especially, it works out better value to buy salon products.  Also, the bigger the bottle, the greater the savings.

If you do wish to try any of the products that we suggest, we offer an exchange guarantee.  If you use your product once or twice and just do not feel that it is suitable for any genuine reason, we will swap your product for something that may be more suited to you.  We want you to have faith in our advice and not just fill your bathroom with a different product at every visit.  This guarantee does not include 100mls or smaller and is not extended to tools or electrical equipment.

Paul Mitchell always test on human, not animals.