Marvel Lash – Extend Your Lashes

From March 2016…   Create longer, fuller lashes that can last for up to 2 months with Lorna…

Marvel Lash is a simple, safe and effective method of dramatically enhancing the appearance of the eyes.

Marvel lash will thicken and lengthen the appearance of your natural lashes with immediate results. These semi permanent lashes are almost weightless and so comfortable to wear that they look and feel just as if they are your own. Once lashes are applied, they do not needs to be removed – even at bedtime. They are also water resistant, so ideally suited to weepy weddings (!), holidays and for everyday use.

The finished look is stunning and the results can last for up to 2 months. With regular top up treatments, your new look will be indefinite.

eyelash extensions blackpoolMarvel Lash maintenance

Your hair growth cycle is roughly 6-8 weeks and lashes will inevitably shed with your own lashes. It is therefore recommended that a 2-3 week maintenance treatment is performed to top up any shed lashes. With regular top ups you can wear your lashes for as many months as you like.

Mini Alchemists – Kids Prices

Kids 2015

Please note that in the interests of our team, your children and all of our guests, we will not perform a hair cut on a distressed child.  We will do our very best to help your child enjoy their hair cut but sometimes it may be better to rebook for another time.  If this is the case, we will not charge for two appointments as we would much prefer to make it another time rather than put children off having their hair cut completely. 

Natalie Nails Madrid – June 2015

Friday 19th June 2015

I am a mixture of emotions; excited, nervous, fulfilled, determined…  Today I have been busy packing the final pieces of luggage for my first ever European PREV-YOU as part of the Paul Mitchell Artistic Team, which I was accepted on to following a succession of assessments earlier in the year.  I have been rehearsing the designated cuts, colours and styling for weeks as well as learning all about the finer details of the products and tools involved and feel confident that I have put the time in, but still in awe at the journey ahead of me.  This content is exclusive to international Paul Mitchell educators as it is what we will be delivering to thousands of hairdressers around the country over the next twelve months.  It is a prestigious honour to be able to be a part of this.

Then an email pings through to inform me that the airline we were flying with had their baggage handlers going on strike tomorrow so we could only take hand luggage.  Panic ensued…  I had scissors, razors, electrical tools, toiletries, an abundance of stage clothes plus down time wear.  Oh, and I also had a weeks worth of holiday clothes and products as I had paid to have extra luggage as I was due to fly to Tenerife straight after the event had finished in Madrid.  So my first challenge is to fit the bare essentials into 10kg of hand luggage.

With a little but of help and a calming influence from my dear Mum, I was ready to travel light.  The nerves had began to subside again and fall asleep early so as to be up for tomorrows challenge of flying on my own for the first time.

Saturday 20th June

I met up with a few of the other team members at the airport.  Our plane was delayed an hour because of the strikes so we sat and relaxed with a drink.  Finally we got on the plane and I was once again very nervous.  The flight was smooth and hassle free.

We took the airport shuttle to the hotel and I was amazed upon arrival.  The beauty of the building both inside and out was breath-taking and the hotel staff were welcoming and informative.  We took our bags to our rooms and went straight to the restaurant as it was now 8.45 in the evening and we were ravenous.

Sunday 21st June

We have an early start registering the my first ever Prev-You event.  again, I am really nervous as I know what is in store for me and that my peers who are known and respected all over the world will be assessing and critiquing me.

Slide5      Slide7

We get given some cards of what we need to achieve on our mannequins.  Today we are working on two of the exclusive cuts from the new Paul Mitchell collection that will be launched in September.  It is so nerve wrecking as I am doing my cuts, Mary Cuomo, International Educator and partner of Robert Cromeans a Director of Paul Mitchell around the world, is next to me asking me to explain what I am doing.  My hands are shaking.  I choke on my words slightly but she is so nice and helps me get through it.


In the afternoon we worked on another new colour technique which is my favourite of the whole collection and I added a few different shades of purple too.  Mary said I was the best in show for her and I won some of the new Rare Marula Oil system which has yet to be released in this country but I have to say it is an absolutely gorgeous product and I can’t wait to be able to share it with my guests when it finally arrives over here.

Slide6          Slide8

The next thing to go through was ‘Minute To Spin It’ where we picked a card at random and then got on stage to talk about whatever was on the card for 60 seconds.  Of course they were all related to Paul Mitchell tools, products and styles.  I had the Neuro Cone which allows you to natural looking curls.  My heart was pounding along with my throat becoming dry as I stepped on to the stage but I was overjoyed as I did not receive any criticism from my mentors which did not happen to many of us.

That evening we relaxed by the pool as it was 35’C until around 9pm.

 Monday 22nd June

Today we started even earlier with a look and learn seminar followed by a hands on examination of our hair-ups from the new holiday collection.  These hair ups are so beautiful and I know many of my guests would look fantastic with these new looks as I will be able to bring all these new ideas back to the salon to share with everyone.


In the afternoon, we should have been assessed on a set using the Neuro Unclipped 1.25 inch cone but they were so impressed with our hair-ups that they decided to let us do a mini show as a reward.

We were in groups of four people all explaining one of the looks we had done over the weekend.  We all had microphones and it was so exciting, I was learning to enjoy my nerves now and channel them into energy for my turn.

Slide3    Slide2

Everyone was so great especially Rocco, our Salon Owner and his brother Antonio.  My only hiccup was, being so nervous, I forgot to smile.

All in all, it has been such an amazing weekend at Prev-You Madrid.  I sit here at the airport, thinking about the weekend and how far I have come since leaving school just four years ago.  I am waiting for my flight to Tenerife for a well deserved treat…

Blog by Natalie


Racoon Hair Extensions blog by Lorna


Hair Extensions are something that I had always been passionate about learning.  Having long hair myself I have always taken a lot of interest in them.  I have spent hours researching different brands and techniques for applying extra hair.  Even when speaking with friends, hair extensions have always been marred with the horror stories of hair being pulled out, being left with bald patches or them just not blending at all.  Over the years I had seen and heard the worries that many people experience if hair extensions were not applied and cared for correctly.  I was adamant that I would not be the one to offer such an experience to anyone so when I was offered the opportunity to be trained by Racoon International, I jumped at the chance as I knew what a good reputation the brand had.

Lorna & Nat Exts Train       Lorna, Natalie & their first modelExts May 2014 1

The education was delivered to us over two separate days with literally just Natalie, myself and the Tutor who had travelled all the way from Brighton and was the current expert in England.  This niche learning environment allowed us to absorb all of the Tutors knowledge as well as ask individual questions of our own.  The first day was an intense theory session with a short practise on a mannequin to get the right amount of bonding in just the right shape and place.  The bonding is not a glue, it is a blend of organic ingredients designed to work with the flexibility of the hair movement as well as securely hold the extensions in place.  All of Racoons hair is human hair and can be coloured even once the hair has been applied.  We learned about why there are so many scaremongering stories available through the media and the correct way to apply extensions in a safe way for the guest and their hair. Day two was the application of a whole head of extensions on a real guest.  We were assessed throughout the whole procedure and our Tutor was more than happy with the level of our understanding and delivery of the extensions. 

The extensions have many benefits, you can use them purely to add thickness and body to the hair.  You can also use them to add length or colour which is a great alternative to using hair colour as it avoids using any chemicals on the hair.  You can add fashion colour or it can aid a gradual colour change. 

The removal process was also examined and our Tutor came back six weeks later for a third day of education to see that we were rotating the models hair correctly.  As the natural hair grows, the bonds grow down with the hair.  To avoid unnecessary pulling and damage to the natural hair, we were educated to advise that the hair is rotated every six to eight weeks depending on how quickly the natural hair grows and how well the hair and bonds are cared for at home in between visits.   The removal solution is soaked into the bond and it crumbles into a powder without damaging any hair allowing the extension to slide out gently.  The same hair is then prepared to be used again and again enabling the guest to save money by not reordering new hair every time.

Racoon slide Nov 2014 Lorna Cert

After completing the course, the guests we had carried out our training on continued to have the extensions and I also gained some new guests due to the new service I was able to offer.  Two of my new hair extensions guests were extremely unhappy with their hair at the time.  Their hair was lifeless, fine, short and had wispy pieces and they received such a transformation with the Racoon Extensions.  Kelly, a member of our admin team and Sarah who was a new guest to the salon as well as me.  Both ladies have an extremely busy lifestyle and had always had short to medium length hair.

Kelly started off with a short, fine bob length cut.  She always wanted to be blonder but was suffering from short broken strands of hair due to over use of a hot hairdryer on the top of her head.

Sarah had many questions and concerns about having extensions but desperately wanted a new look and was able to speak to Kelly and ask her questions which she honestly answered.  One of Sarah’s main concerns was whether or not she would have the time to upkeep them and deal with them on a daily basis as she is a very busy self employed electrician.

Kelly also having a young child as well as a business to run assured Sarah that actually since having the extensions, it has been easier for her to manage and she was surprised at how much more easy it was for her to style as Kelly used to wash her hair almost every day and was now managing three days and it still looked fabulous.

During each rotation of Kelly’s extensions, we would add more blonde into her hair using extensions to achieve the desired look as well as fine slices to her natural hair.  We were making a steady progress from mousy brown to blonde. 

Sarah particularly noticed how much her natural hair had transformed and grown as normally her own hair would be heated/straightened/styled frequently but the extensions had worked like a barrier around her own hair and it was the extensions that were predominantly being styled.  One comment Sarah did make was “How much easier it was and how much longer each style lasts” This was because of the weight of the extensions compared to her fine hair.

Both ladies kept their extensions in for about one year as they had got to a length that they were happy with and felt confident enough with their own hair.  Throughout the whole experience, both ladies received a multitude of compliments on their new hair and many were surprised to learn that the hair was indeed extensions as they looked so natural.

 Kelly ExtsPicture on left shows before and middle pictures are after the first set of extensions.

Once the extensions were removed, the change in both Kelly and Sarah’s hair was unbelievable.  Kelly’s hair is now just past her shoulders, by choice, so much thicker and blonder with no broken ends or shorter patches.  Sarah’s hair is also thicker and in much better condition.  her hair is also easier to control and style due to the extra growth.

Kelvafter KelAfter  Kelly with0ut extensions today

I know that the extensions made my guests feel super confident and satisfied with their hair whilst the extensions were in and after taking them out.  Before doing the course and shortly after qualifying, I always had doubts about extensions in general.  However, since witnessing the effects and seeing the results I would swear by them.  I have seen so many fantastic outcomes over the last 14 months.  I feel proud to be able to advise my new guests who ‘hate’ their current look that I know for a fact I can 100% get them the result they have always wanted.  It is so rewarding to be able to offer a service that not everyone can deliver.  To really, truly satisfy a guest is an amazing feeling.

I honestly believe Racoon hair Extensions are the way forward for anyone looking to extend or improve the condition.  I love the fact that I am confident in what I do because I know it will benefit your hair.  One main feature that I love is, unlike other brands, Racoon International is the only process scientifically proven not to damage your hair if maintained correctly.  Each strand of ethically sourced hair extension is tailored to your hair texture so if you have fine hair, we will add fewer strands to avoid breakage and make sure that your hair can hold the weight of the extra hair.  I believe this is a key factor with this service.

If you require any further information, please call to make an appointment for a consultation with either myself or Natalie on 01205 368 368 or pop in any time to Salon Alchemy, 2nd Floor, Oldrids Department Store, Boston.

The views and opinions of this blog are from Lorna






Alchemy News June 2015

We have lots of events coming up for our Paul Mitchell Education Team members Rocco, Antonio and Natalie.  Antonio is in the Netherlands this week teaching the art of Male Grooming to a vast audience of Dutch Barbers.  All three of our Professionals will be flying to Madrid on 20th June for an intense few days of education allowing them to gain the most current knowledge available and then to deliver it around the UK, Europe and further afield as required.  Most importantly though, they get to bring back their wealth of expertise to use in the salon on their guests at the same time as inspiring the rest of the team.

Not forgetting Tara this week either as she is educating on behalf of Salon Success on the art of salon service.  Tara is a specialist at understanding the needs of her guests and offering tips and advice on how to counteract any difficulties they may have with their hair to ensure they are able to maintain their hair at home 365 days a year.

Exciting news that Kaley is now available for appointments on a Monday each week.  This ensures that she is able to offer the colour promotion, 20% Off  every Mon – Weds, to her guests as well as making appointments  available to meet new guests.  Kaley has been with us since November 2014 and is already a huge asset to the salon and the team especially with her Party Hair for £15 appointments which is a quick 30min dry styling appointment to get you ready for an evening event.  For appointments with her any Monday, Friday or Saturday, please call us on 01205 368 368.

We have had lots of great feedback about our new look salon.  Thank you to everyone who has visited us so far.  We still have a few tweaks to make and we are also introducing two more styling units for those busier Saturdays but essentially, it is all going really well.

With the countdown to the summer holidays, please be aware that the Pay Your Age appointments are only limited and only valid with selected stylists so do book in advance.  Those who like to make the most of it may want to book the first week and the last week so they look fabulous during the holidays as well as ready for the first day back.  This should see them through until the October half term.

Look out for a brand new line of products hitting our shelves this week THE ULTIMATE COLOR REPAIR.  It locks colour in for up to 9 weeks, prevents thermal damage by 86%, 88% less breakage and 59% more shine.  Ask us in salon for more information.

Competition ~ WIN one of seven transformations

IMG_7060Our winners have been notified via email

To celebrate the launch of our new look salon, we are giving away a complete restyle and colour service with each one of our seven professional stylists. 



All you have to do to enter is email us at with your full name and telephone number plus the answer to our question below;

(If you do not know the answer, look on our Special Offers page)

How much do our guests save on their colour services every Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday?

A) 5%            B) 10%           C) 20%

Entry closes at midnight on 23rd May 2015.  Competition open to everyone.  Winners will be selected at random and may be asked to pose for a before and after photograph to allow us to use them for positive marketing purposes.

The lucky winner could be curled by Kaley, loved by Lorna, de-knotted by Natalie, tressed by Tara, mesmerised by Mark, attended to by Antonio or rocked by Rocco!