Colour Bar

 Professional Protection Although ingredient safety is at the heart of any Paul Mitchell or Eufora creation, just like certain foods and materials, allergic reactions to colour products can happen.  Our professional approach to our colour services is as important as our colour creation.  We urge you to follow these guidelines before booking your colour service

Please come in for a FREE allergy test, no need to book, if you answer yes to any of the following;

You are new to the salon

It has been more than six months since your last colour service at our salon

It is more than 12 months since your last allergy test at our salon

you have had any type of skin tattoo including Henna or permanent make-up service since your last colour service at our salon

You have had an allergic reaction since your last colour service

We will NOT be able to colour your hair if;

You have ever had a reaction to a hair colouring product

You have a sensitive, itchy or damaged scalp


Colour Services exclude cutting and styling.  

Short hair to jaw length    above shoulder length     shoulder length hair and below

 If your hair is exceptionally thick or porous, then your price may move to the next level.  Please ask your expert for an exact price.

Demi-Permanent ~ Adds one colour depth, gloss and rehydration

(Jamie) From £52.50, £61.50, £71.50

Rocco or Rory from £60.00, £67.00, £76.00


The Color ~ One colour scalp to ends

(Jamie) From £57.50, £61.50, £71.50

Rocco or Rory from £60.00, £67.00, £76.00


The Color 3D ~ A combination of at least 3 tones using an advanced technique applied scalp to ends

(Jamie) From £79.50, £86.00, £95.00

Rocco or Rory from £86.00, £95.00, £106.00


Woven Foils ~ A natural and dimensional result using foils

(Jamie) From £75.50, £80.50, £90.00

Rocco or Rory from £79.50, £87.00, £99.50

½ Head (Top & Sides) from £71.00         Rocco £75.00


Balayage or Ombre ~ Price on Consultation

Please ask for Rocco


Platinum Card ~ For Ultra Blonding

(Jamie) From £85.00, £95.50, £120.00

Rocco or Rory  from £89.00, £105.00, £128.50

Platinum Card (Re-touch, roots only) ~ From £66.50  Rocco £75.50

Conditioning Treatments

A conditioning treatment to enhance strength or moisture can be applied in the Lather Lounge for £10.00. 

Intensive Kera-Triplex, to add keratin, can be added to any service upon booking for £35  or a Marula Rare Oil Masque, which adds moisture deep into the cortex, for £30.