Mini Alchemists

Team Member Girls Cut & Style Boys Cut & Style Dry Cut under 12 years
Stylist 28.00 26.50 £17.50
Senior Stylist 32.00 29.00 £21.00
Advanced Senior Stylist 35.00 31.00 £23.00
Hair Designer 39.00 35.50 £25.00
Senior Hair Designer 46.50 37.50 £27.50
Premier Hair Designer 51.00 43.50 N/A
Salon Director 56.50 46.50 N/A


Please note that in the interests of our team, your children and all of our guests, we will not perform a hair cut on a distressed child.  We will do our very best to help your child enjoy their hair cut but sometimes it may be better to re-book for another time.  If this is the case, we will not charge for two appointments as we would much prefer to make it another time rather than put children off having their hair cut completely.

Feel free to ask for our WIFI code or even the ipad if you think it will help.